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Construction activities at field level demand coordination and management to be successful. Each project has a multiplicity of stakeholders each of whom has critical needs. It is imperative that landowners, oil & gas companies, environmental and aboriginal groups are consulted and treated appropriately.

We also have experience completing projects with large personnel groups, multiple inspectors and complex geography.  From comprehensive site reporting to scheduling and analysis members of the PC Energy Services team will partner with you and offer construction management services to ensure that all client and project commitments are achieved – on schedule and on budget.


Our knowledgeable and experienced inspectors are fully trained in construction techniques. They are familiar with the various regulations and code requirements, including CSA Z662, ASME B31.3 and OH & S guidelines. Each inspector is qualified to provide the following services:

  • Project management, cost control and reporting
  • Liaison with client operations, head office, 3rd party engineering companies and all other related agencies
  • Co-ordination with landowners, regulatory authorities and environmental and safety agencies

With up to forty years of experience our pipeline inspectors have experience with all levels of terrain including muskeg, environmentally sensitive prairie and all types of rock. From small tie ins to large diameter transmission projects our inspectors have worked with various types of pipe ranging in size from 1 to 42 inch. PC Energy Services facility inspectors have worked on numerous projects including the following:

  • Compressor stations
  • Oil batteries
  • Gas plants
  • Well site facilities
  • Separator and Dehy facilities
  • Refrig plants
  • Amine plants
  • SAGD facilities

With this outstanding resources of knowledge and skill, PC Energy Services pipeline and facility inspectors can ensure the safe and successful construction of you project. We can also perform Integrity inspections to make sure your pipeline isn't leaking, corroding or deteriorating.


PC Energy Services capitalizes on a large pool of experienced field personnel and decades of pipeline integrity experience to Pipeline Operator's with quality pipeline integrity support services.

These services include:

  • Pipeline Integrity Project Management
  • In-Line Inspection Support Services including:
  • In-line inspection feasibility studies
  • Site visits
  • AGM surveys, using sub-centimeter or sub-meter GPS
  • Design of pipeline cleaning prior to in-line inspection
  • Pig tracking and AGM deployment
  • Design of nitrogen purge projects and control of inspection tools propelled by nitrogen
  • Design of pipeline batching projects for in-line inspection
  • Maintenance and make-ready inspection
  • Anomaly dig staking and one call notification
  • Excavation as-built drawings and documentation
  • Measurement of pipe movement during excavation backfill
  • Various above ground pipeline surveys:
  • GIS asset mapping
  • Depth of cover
  • Topographic survey